Preventing Epilepsy Deaths: Clinician Toolkit
Assessment & Action Guide

Accidents Related to Seizures

Patients need to be assessed for the following at their initial visit, annually and at times of life transitions.
Screen patients for occupational and recreational activities that are associated with high risk of accidental injury during seizures.
Clinician actions
  • Counsel patients, parents, and caregivers on the risks of injury that could occur if a seizure happened while bathing, swimming, or doing other activities near water, near open flames or heated surfaces, falling from a high height, operating heavy machinery, and exercising/participating in sports, driving or operating other vehicles, and ways to mitigate these risks.
Assess patients who are driving.
Clinician actions
  • Counsel patients and caregivers on state laws for driving with epilepsy, if applicable.
Conversation tips
Learn how to discuss accident risks with your patients