Preventing Epilepsy Deaths: Clinician Toolkit
Pediatric Examples of Empowering Conversations

When your pediatric patient has accidents

Determine if your patient needs to avoid lifestyle, occupational, and recreational activities

Seizures can happen at any time, causing [child’s name] to get seriously injured.  One of those places is in water, including the bathtub and shower.  Do you supervise [child’s name] during showers and bath time?

[Child’s name] loves to take a bath and has no interest in a shower.  And honestly, I think [child’s name] is old enough to need some privacy, not to mention I don’t have time to sit there when they take a shower.

I know it can be difficult for [child’s name] to switch from baths to showers and to have you monitor them. No two patients are the same, but I do have experience working with many parents to find the best ways to keep their children safe. Let’s talk about ways you can maintain [child’s name] independence while protecting them from serious injury.